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The Platform

About the LoadBoard Network

The Platform

Brokers and Shippers are constantly challenged to efficiently reach more carriers to expand capacity and grow market share.

The LoadBoard Network platform addresses this fundamental challenge by giving them single-click access to dozens of top-tier independent load boards. This freight matching automation is achieved by integrating our platform with most of the TMS applications on the market.

The Team

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our team’s understanding of the freight transportation industry is unparalleled.

Our varied backgrounds in technology, logistics, entrepreneurship, multi-billion dollar company management, and finance bring talent, expertise, and an exceptional depth of industry knowledge.

The Team

The LoadBoard Network Team

The Vision

Mark Draeb, President & CEO

The Vision

Our vision is to create a cutting-edge platform, providing aggregation services and connecting next-generation, third-party services like posting to pay, messaging, onboarding, smart contracts, and financing. Our platform and the technology behind it will allow us to adapt to the changing market and offer innovative solutions to support your growing business.”

– Mark Draeb

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Looking for capacity?
Want to grow your carrier Base?

Post loads with the LoadBoard Network to dozens of load boards. Integrating with most Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

We will notify you when the LoadBoard Network is live.