Reach Beyond The Largest Two Load Boards

Connect with thousands of trucking companies that use independent load boards and carrier apps.

We make it easy to get your loads moving. LoadBoard Network automates your load posting with a single click.

Automated Load Posting

Brokers and shippers want to boost efficiency with automation and integration with their TMS.

LoadBoard Network is integrated with most Transportation Management Software (TMS) applications to help you reach dozens of independent load boards and carrier apps with no additional effort.

Leverage Your Business

Brokers and shippers want to control their freight strategy and their business independence.

LoadBoard Network gives you market leverage by reaching beyond the largest two load boards to support a freight market with more agility and ingenuity, and new players with new technology.

Brokers and shippers want to get in front of new tech-savvy carriers.

Let carriers recognize your brand across multiple load boards simultaneously, by using our automated load posting solution. Whether you post a few or hundreds of loads a day, your reach multiplies.

What Can LoadBoard Network Do For You?

Full Control

Automated Load Posting Gives Freight Brokers Full Control Over Freight

Full Control

LoadBoard Network helps you stay in control of all your loads, allowing you to post them quickly to multiple load boards, update them, re-post them, and delete them. All that with a single click. To make your load posting even faster, use our load-posting templates that make it easy to fill in your regular freight loads.

Further Reach

A good reputation goes a long way in procuring trucking services for your company, and posting loads to multiple load boards is just the beginning. Let LoadBoard Network help you reach more quality truckers, develop solid relationships, and build a sustainable future for your business.

Further Reach

Quick & Easy Load Posting

Quick & Easy Load Posting

The fastest way to post loads to multiple load boards and quickly reach tens of thousands of trucking companies and owner-operators is by posting them with LoadBoard Network just once, and letting our system push them to a large number of load boards simultaneously. Integration with your TMS automates and streamlines your work-flow. 


How to Grow Your Network of Reliable Carriers

LoadBoard Network helps transportation brokers and freight shippers find trucking capacity and grow their carrier network by aggregating and automating load posting to dozens of independent load boards and new carrier apps. With single-click efficiency, your loads are posted simultaneously across the LoadBoard Network of load board partners.

Reaching the new, tech savvy carriers that the independent load boards and apps cater to puts your business on a course to develop new, valuable relationships.

Market Your Brand

By posting your loads on multiple load boards, carriers will start recognizing your brand, your name and your loads.

Name-brand recognition builds trust with carriers that may not know anything about you and opens doors to new business relationships.

Looking for capacity?
Want to grow your carrier Base?

Post loads with the LoadBoard Network to dozens of load boards. Integrating with most Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

We will notify you when the LoadBoard Network is live.